To be or not to be. That is the question.

US Flag      An existential dilema is developing. Should, or even can, the NOCCC remain as it has been for the past 37 years or so?

Club membership is headed down. Average member age is up. Volunteerism is virtually non-existent. That old enthusiasm for all-things-computing is dying fast.

At the latest Board of Directors meeting there was great diasppointment in how the general membership won't volunteer for anything or even offer up opinions on anything club related. Even board members and officers have been leaving their assigned workstations at a ferocious pace. (The webmaster is not on the Board so not to worry, yet. He enjoys his fly-on-the-wall-status too much.)

The most worrisome development is the immanent loss of our esteemed Orange Bytes Newsletter Editor for health reasons. There are members in the club, apparently, too feeble to ever come out for an in-person SIG or Main Meeting day at the clubhouse, who nevertheless cry loud and often if their printed newsletter ever fails to darken their doorway.

This leads other members to bemoan the loss of revenue should those non-attending members cancel their memberships. Still, no one steps up to the plate to take over Editorship of the much loved Bytes Newsletter. One would think that in a membership of 120 to 135 souls, who profess interest in computers/computing, there would be at least several tech writers, wordsmiths, or budding content-creators just waiting for a chance to practice their profession for the good of others, if not monetary gain.

But the problem is even worse. In this coming election (June 2014), there will be openings for President, Vice President, and Secretary, with no clear candidates in sight. Will anyone step forward? From whence will a much-needed enthusiastic leader emerge?

A President is needed who will wear two hats: The Evangelist who leads us out of the darkness with his or her enthusiasm for making club membership exciting again, and the the Statesman who brings a knowledge and familiarity with business, financial, governmental, and educational leaders and organizations . . .     for the purpose of securing interesting, computer-relevant, and enthusiastic speakers to our Main Meeting forum.

The Presidency of any organization is primarily a job for a top-notch salesman, be he/she man or woman, who can motivate others to work hard for the mission of the organization and to motivate still others to speak at organization events; after all, why do we get together in the first place? To hear something exciting and new, and possibly be inspired to greater heights or pursuits, as well as to interact with fellow cohorts. It would be a shame if this tradition of the Club would simply fade away, like old soldiers.

So, please evaluate for yourselves whether or not you can contribute to the continuation of this fine OLD club. It just may be your ticket to greater self actualization which, as many have learned, is what keeps us going.