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Our Club Mission

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Computer Museum

For several months, NOCCC has had a "Personal Computer History Display" in some display cases in the auditorium.
For some information on an  industrial strength  computer history display, follow this link for a Cray or this link for the whole museum.

'Life' and HTML 5

Try the Game of Life. Another example of HTML 5. Instruction are minimal but intuitively obvious to the most casual observer. Go to Pastimes. Only if you have some time to kill. :-)

HTML 5 Support ???

Click the Technical Information link to check whether your browser supports HTML 5, and specifically the canvas tag. If not, time to upgrade. Don't forget to reload or refresh often.

Your PC's Z-Axis

Click the Pastimes link to check out your computer's z-axis. Didn't know your computer had one? That's what we're here for. Don't forget to reload or refresh often.

Consignment Sales

Click the Benefits link, then scroll down, to learn how the Consignment Table works.

Embedded Computers

If you're a hobbyist building robots or your own router, you may be interested in a crop of single board computers. They are all hosted on small PC boards and selling for peanuts. See the table under menu NEWS -> SingleBoardComputers. A discussion of these was held in the May Exploring New Technologies SIG.


Interested in The Association of Personal Computer Users Group? If so, here's their Current Report. And, their web site is here.
And here's an interesting and local technical conference notification from our Apcug leader, Judy Taylor.

Help us grow !

Needed: New members to share our interest in all-things-computing. For details, please contact our Membership Chair, Ben Lochtenbergh
(949-653-2545, bal@msn.com) , lwilliams_00@yahoo.com). Present leadership is getting somewhat "long-in-the-tooth". New members with "fresh blood", new ideas, a desire to get involved, and a young spirit, regardless of your age, are needed to keep this 40-year-old institution going. Thanks.

Like to write?

We need writers. We like book reviews* and original technical articles for our Newsletter. Here's a chance to get published and "become famous immediately". You have two outlets: The Newsletter or the Website. We are somewhat independent.
*How to write a review.

   Get Bytes

Social Media?
Need to network more? Need a life? Give it a try. Here are some sites to get you started.

To Be . . .
Should we even try to continue with this grand experiment? More.

Data Privacy
Interested in data privacy? Check out this note from Judy Taylor of APCUG. Keep January 28th open. Click here.

Math Problem
We are starting to do our part in educating humanity in STEM. Check out our meager efforts here. Check out the general question also. STEM Page

Member's Forum
Is closed.

Other Clubs
Maybe you'd like to see how other computer clubs do it, or just read their online pub's. Use News -> Other ...
or just click here.

More: July 7
Have a look at the July 7, 2013, Main Meeting - in wide-angle photography. Attendance was a little light, but the presentation topic was well received.

Computer Classes
Maybe, just maybe, if more people knew how computers worked, we'd get some new members. Placentia Library is offering some computer classes. Click Here for more info.

Some Tee-shirts advertising NOCCC are available for purchase. Most are XXL size, but they should shrink. We also have some coffee mugs available (yes, they will also hold tea, or whatever you like). Inquire from Gerry Resch at one of the meetings if interested. Or contact the Club Secretary. With enough interest, we may be forced do a re-order.

The "Raffle" prizes have been getting better and better. Why not come by around 2:00 PM and buy some tickets. Six for $5. Non-members welcome.